How to make a custom stickers using Microsoft Word

07 Jun

Only few people know how to use software for designing like Adobe Illustrator but most of us know how to use Microsoft Word. People think that creating stickers or labels difficult and very expensive process but the truth is that, this is very simple and can be done by almost anyone.

This tutorial will show you how to make custom stickers using Microsoft Word.

The first thing we need to do, is get all of our materials that we will use for custom stickers project.

Item #1: Computer with Microsoft word Installed or any equivalent installed in it for designing the sticker
Item #2: Inkjet Printer for printing the design onto the sticker paper (Much better if you will use Photo printer with high resolution).

Item #3: Sticker Paper, the basis of this whole project.

Item#4: Paper cutter for cutting the finished sticker

If you don’t Photo Printer, find a Sticker Printing Company, for sure you can save some bucks because you don’t need to pay the design, all you need to pay is the printing of your stickers.

So that’s it very simple…

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