How to Remove Decals/Stickers/Labels/ステッカー without residue

11 May

How to remove the adhesive of stickers? or How to remove sticker perfectly without any residue left in the surface? This are the typical questions can be seen in a car stickers forum and stickers forum.

Below is the steps on how to remove labels / stickers / ステッカー without any residue.


  1. Start by heating the corner of the marking with a heat lamp, blow dryer, or heat gun until it is hot to touch. Peel the hot area of the decal you just heat(use a blade or razor but only on glass surfaces). Just continue applying heat to the area of the sticker to be remove.
  2. Now onece you have removed the markings, check if there is residue. For this just use Rubbing Alcohol, Cleaner Solution like Mr. Muscle to remove the stickers residue.
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